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What People Say About Michael Savage
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Michael Savage Podcast
Dr. Michael Savage

These comments are taken from our guestbook:
"YOU ROCK MICHAEL !!! Tell it like it is. Not many people speak their mind like you do."
"Mr. Savage says what all of us are thinking. I agree with him 100% on every issue."
"He's right! He says what we all think."
"Wonderful show!! The truth always sounds harsh. But like a father who must chastise a child, it must be done. Please help save our Judeo/Christian culture, values and Republic!!"
"The voice of hope."
"I love your show and I never miss listening to it."
"Great show, Mike. Regarding your comments on immigration it's not a migration of people - it's an invasion. Use it if you want. -Peace."
"I have just finished reading The Savage Nation. I have never read a more moving book. I respect Mr. Savage for having the guts to say what everyone else is thinking and whispers quietly to each other. He is not standing alone, because there are so many people that agree with everything that he says. I have discussed his book with all my family and friends, and everyone bought the book or borrowed mine. Now I can hardly wait to read all his other books. I am 66 years old, and it has taken me a life time to finally 'see the light'. Keep up your courage to speak out. God bless you."
"Michael Savage is uniquely insightful and completely entertaining. Too many people lose sight of the fact that he is an entertainer. His unpredictability is exactly what sets him aside from the rest." 
"You Rock!! Keep it up."
"I'm new to the Savage Nation, yet truly inspired. We need more like him to educate the listeners. God Bless the Savage."
"He's absolutely fantastic! So realistic, so in touch. He never whines about problems having no solutions. He's totally on track in his patriotism to this wonderful, blessed country of ours! More power to him!"
"Best show on radio." 
Why is the media keeping it such a big secret how popular Michael's show is??  It is one of the biggest successes ever on radio. 

To read ALL the opinions people have sent in, view the guestbook.

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