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Sarah Palin Quits

Sarah, you just threw away your one, true, lasting claim to respectability that not even your detractors could deny - the governorship of the State of Alaska! How could you?? 

Sarah Palin has resigned her post as governor only halfway through her only term. The makers of this website have been ardent supporters of Sarah Palin and have stubbornly stuck by her all these months. 

But now she has resigned her post, giving a rambling, nonsense drivel of a reason. We would have respected her much more if she'd said that the reason for resignation was due to the constant barrage of over-the-top ridicule and its effect on her family. But no, she says she's resigning for the good of Alaska - who elected her to a 4-year term.

We'd like to share some links to some of the best blog comments and articles that we have seen on this story.

Great Commentary Found on the Web About Sarah Palin's Resignation
This is dead-on (quite funny also), because clearly Sarah rushed into this decision, getting NO good advice from anyone.  George Bush (both of them) would have NEVER quit.
Read on - and read the comments, which in some cases are as good as or better than the articles:
Apparently, Sarah Palin has been a no-show many other times in recent weeks, at places where she was expected to appear or speak. 
She will never be able to get out from under this "quitter" decision.  She truly does not seem up to the task of a high-pressure job.
We're convinced now that Sarah Palin - who once had the potential to be remembered as a good governor - does not have the judgment to be in public office.  She has lost our faith for good as a public official.
Until now, we've been admirers and ardent supporters of Sarah Palin. If she'd cited emotional stress, family concerns, or illness, then it would be much more understandable. But not this endless verbiage about how this will help Alaska and that since she's not running for re-election then she might as well stop now... PLEASE.
We've been supporters of Sarah Palin in the face of all the ridicule... and now she does THIS.  She's lost our confidence and trust now.  It's all over.
We personally think that her husband contributed to her decision, but if so, then this is yet another reason for her NOT to be in public office. Her husband truly should have urged her to see that she this decision is indeed political suicide. If he could not see that clearly, then he was a detriment to her political career when she desperately needed someone to give her a major wake-up call. She needed someone to tell her to take a week away from it all, instead of messing up her future on what seems like a whim.
Not only that - it's the lame way that she said it all.  She couldn't just come right out and say it.  She barely implied that she was actually leaving NOW. She kept people who deserved to know in the dark until the very last moment; they all thought that the press conference was about "not seeking re-election" (who gives a shit - make that a press release).
For crying out loud - she only had to go another 17 months!!
If Sarah Palin couldn't stick it out for 17 more months; and if Sarah Palin could not see that this is the absolute minimum requirement of her job - then she has no business talking about how much she loves Alaska. She has shamed Alaska with this ridiculous move.  If ONLY she could take back this terrible idea.
Sarah Palin is not well, if you ask us.  She needs to have someone keeping a close eye on her for serious signs of stress overload.  We wish Sarah well, but to say that we're disappointed is an understatement.  Under no circumstances will we EVER vote for her. Let's hope she plans to leave politics now. She's much better suited now for being a speaker for parenting issues and Christian women's issues.

BREAKING NEWS: PRESIDENT OBAMA and good friend "SKIP" GATES have quietly registered for a remedial seminar in "POLICE PROFILING" to be held at an undisclosed location.  Beer will also be served.

The "Teachable Moment"
What did we learn from the Teachable Moment?  We learned that if you're the President of the United States, you can call a local police force "stupid" even when you don't have all the facts, and yet love and Harvard means that you never have to say you're sorry. You never have to say you're sorry for your own stupidity, nor for reckless and irresponsible words - instead, you can have a Beer Party.
If you're the President, you never have to say you're sorry for fostering the impression that Officer Crowley was a racist. 
The teachable moment taught us that if you're a black Harvard professor, it's okay to act like an ass and call a white police officer a racist - and never say you're sorry.  If you have a friend in Obama, instead of being admonished, you'll get invited to the White House to drink beer. 
(If Harvard doesn't fire this chump pronto, then we have taken Harvard off the pedestal of our admiration, too, and are now glad that our brilliant kid has opted not to apply there - Editor.)
It's okay to insult a White Man In America if you're a Black Man, whether President or Professor. You never have to say you're sorry if you use the word "racist."
The teachable moment is that it's okay to make the USA a laughing stock in the world with a fiasco followed by a Beer Summit.
The teachable moment means the only one man had class here: Officer Crowley, who stood by as the neighbor lady call him a liar, the Harvard professor called him a racist, and no one ever apologized for any of it.
The teachable moment is that the American public is not "stupid."  Most of them were able to see for themselves WHO NEEDED TEACHING.

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