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Obama Special Olympics Gaffe

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President Obama's Special Olympics Gaffe on Jay Leno
Obama Special Olympics Gaffe

"And don't apologize to the Special Olympics head from a phone on Air Force One and send out a press release - apologize to those of us who raise our children and just expect the President of the United States to stand for the all citizens and not make a joke towards them, however, innocent it might claim to be."   Comment quoted from this page. 

Obama's unfortunate joke about the Special Olympics was, quite simply, the beginning of the end.  Many of his most ardent supporters have been shaken.


From the link above, on the comments page, we read:

I love all of the apologists for the Obama comments. I've read everyting from "just let it go"... to "its just politics"... to the best of all... "Special Olympians are bad bowlers so they wouldn't feel bad about this so what's the big deal" (from Ha Ha).

I don't like all of the Politic Correctness but as a father of a severely handicapped daughter that requires help with all every day functions (eating, dressing, toileting, etc.), I found this quite offensive. If you think you would just "blow off" this comment, think again when your know the person you are care giving for is reduced to a bowling joke. Anyone can indeed make a mistake, I recognize that. I've stck my foot in my mouth - but just step up and accept responsibility. And don't apologize to the Special Olympics head from a phone on Air Force One and send out a press release - apologize to those of us who raise our children and just expect the President of the United States to stand for the all citizens and not make a joke towards them, however, innocent it might claim to be. Obama ran on an agenda of personal responsibility and accountability. That's good - accept it, admit your mistake and move on.

The fact that anyone ever thought it would be a good idea for a sitting U.S. President to go on a late-night talk show LOUDLY demonstrates that something is very wrong. It was an accident waiting to happen for any president to set himself up to be so unpresidential.  Whether we agree or disagree with the President, we certainly want him to always be "presidential."

Even without his unfortunate choice of words, it was a huge mistake. WITH the unfortunate choice of words, he has shaken the confidence of his supporters.


Great Blogger Comments
Here are comments found on the internet that we've found especially worth repeating:
For eight solid YEARS everything that the Bush did was fair game for Liberal bashing. Now when we've only played with the BO's sterling performance for just over TWO MONTHS suddenly the rules of the game have to be changed? I think not. I think we right-wing nuts, fanatics, and whatever else we are called are just warming up for a good long run of Barrack-bashing. Turn-around IS fair play and we are going to enjoy it.
Over two hundred posts yesterday and probably an equal amount today. Fox is having a field day about this, not to mention Drudge and the usual suspects. A good friend called and said his grandson (a US Marine) committed suicide after three deployments to Iraq. A ridiculous gaffe is getting nationwide attention while an average of over one hundred service members are killing themselves each week. Obama gaffe - this rag goes wild. Suicide of our bravest - not even a mention. Get a clue people, get a fraggin clue...
Granted, the Media and the Moonbats are obsessed with not offending anyone, except for those of political views that are different than theirs. However, why does Yobamma get a pass on this hurtful slur, when a Republican would be pilloried? The answer is obvious.........
Even his supporters cringe and say, "... my shattered nerves can't take it" - great article here:

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